VICRYL Plus (Polyglactin 910 Antibakteriell Beschichtet) Nahtmaterial

VICRYL Plus war das erste antibakteriell beschichtete Nahtmaterial.Es ist beschichtet mit IRGACARE MP, der reinsten Form des Antiseptikums Triclosan. Somit bietet VICRYL Plus wie alle Plus Materialien eine Hemmzone gegen gram-positive und gram-negative Erreger. Indikationsgebiete: Allgemeinchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie (Gefäßnähte < 2mm), Gastro-Intestinal-Chirurgie, Gynäkologie, Urologie, Orthopädie.Der VICRYL Plus Faden besitzt nach 21 Tagen noch 50% seiner Ausgangsreißkraft, nach 35 Tagen ist keine Reißkraft mehr vorhanden.1*

VICRYL Plus (Polyglactin 910 antibakteriell beschichtet) Nahtmaterial


* The coated VICRYL PLUS Antibacterial suture contains Irgacare® ‡ MP (Triclosan), a broad spectrum antibiotic not exceeding 275 μg/m.1 The coated VICRYL PLUS Antibacterial sutures are indicated for use in the general adaptation and / or ligation of soft tissue. The safety and efficacy of coated VICRYL PLUS antibacterial sutures have not been evaluated in cardiovascular tissue, ophthalmic surgery and neurological tissue.1 These sutures should not be used for long-term adaptation of tissues under stress due to their absorbability. The coated VICRYL PLUS Antibacterial suture should not be used in patients with known allergic reactions to Irgacare® ‡ MP (Triclosan)

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VICRYL Plus (Polyglactin 910 antibakteriell beschichtet) Nahtmaterial, Instructions for Use. Ethicon, Inc.
For detailed information, contraindications, warnings, precautions and side effects, please refer to the full instructions for use.