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Hip Anatomy

The hip joint is a ‘ball and socket’ joint. It allows movement to occur between the femur and pelvis. The pelvis contains the ‘socket’ called the acetabulum. The ball shaped femoral head fits into the acetabulum and allows the leg to move in many directions.


The outer surface of the femoral head and the inside surface of the acetabulum are covered with cartilage. The cartilage surface is a smooth material that allows the two surfaces to slide with ease against one another.

A healthy hip joint will allow the leg to move freely, while supporting the upper body and absorbing the impact that results from exercise and daily activities.

hip diagram


The drawings below depict how a healthy hip looks and how a hip looks after replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery removes the worn and arthritic areas of your hip joint and replaces those areas with implants that contain: metal, ceramic and/or polyethylene, a medical-grade plastic.

healthy hip jointhip replacement prosthesis