Supporting Surgeons with Tools to Help Address Colorectal Surgery Complications

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Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality in both men and women[1]. Colorectal procedures can have significant complications including anastomotic leaks, surgical site infections (SSI) and bleeding. Ethicon is working to help surgeons optimize outcomes in colorectal procedures by addressing the challenges that surgeons face in the operating room (OR) with resources that range from professional education programs to a comprehensive portfolio of evidence-backed products.

We’ve developed professional education programs to provide device skill enhancement training to help surgeons overcome common challenges and improve outcomes. The Johnson & Johnson Institute provides education, coaching, development and advocacy for those on the frontline of health care to help improve patient outcomes. Participants in these programs have found value in the offerings. “Learning techniques and approaches to minimize and manage complications is critical to patient outcomes,” said Derek Pendarvis, MD, FACS, who participated in Ethicon’s Optimizing the Anastomosis course. “The course was highly interactive, and the clinical content presented by the faculty will help me in the future. I would recommend this course to my colleagues and peers.”

These programs help surgeons optimize the application of our medical devices. We provide a portfolio of surgical innovations designed to help reduce the risk for complications during colorectal surgery procedures. A benchtop data developed with the ECHELON CIRCULARTM Powered Stapler showed 61% fewer leaks at the staple line compared to Medtronic DST Series EEATM Stapler[2]. The ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer had significantly less bleeding at the distal tip compared to the Ligasure ImpactTM in benchtop data[3]. A meta-analysis found a 28% reduction in SSI risk with the use of triclosan-coated sutures[4],[5]. Learn more about our colorectal surgery solutions.  

At Ethicon, our goal is to provide surgeon support that can help improve patient outcomes. Programs that continue education and help hone skills are important companions to innovative medical devices. “With a patient-centric focus, we are committed to working with clinicians to help identify and develop the most clinically meaningful medical devices and solutions,” said Vladimir Makatsaria, Company Group Chairman at Ethicon. “Ultimately, when we’re successful we can help improve outcomes for the millions of patients around the world who are suffering from colorectal disease.”


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