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Surgical Smoke

Surgical Smoke

Exposure to surgical smoke can cause both acute and chronic health effects1*

Sharps Injuries

Sharps Injuries

17% of sharps injuries in OR attributed to scalpel blades.2



There are between 2 to 5 reported electrosurgery injuries per 1000 patients.3

Potential Dangers of Surgical Smoke

CDC*: “Exposure to surgical smoke can cause both acute and chronic health effects ranging from eye, nose and throat irritation to emphysema, asthma or chronic bronchitis1*

Potential Dangers of Surgical Smoke

Burden and Epidemiology of Surgical Smoke Evacuation Value Analysis Brief

There are between 2 to 5 reported electrosurgery injuries per 1000 patients.3

29% of energy-based device complications reported to the FDA were pad-site burns.4≤

Preventing Electrosurgical Burns

Energy Products Designed with OR Safety in Mind

The MEGADYNE portfolio offers a full range of electrosurgical products, including smoke evacuation systems, surgical pencils and blades, electrosurgical devices and capital equipment.  Enhance patient protection with electrosurgery products to help you reduce the risks of burns.21

Products Designed to Advance OR Safety

Trocars may help advance OR Safety

Our trocars help advance OR safety and decrease the risks of sharps injuries20

Trocars may help advance OR Safety

SAGES COVID-19 Announcements, Surgical Guidance and Smoke Evacuation

Ethicon shares your desire for a safe environment for your physicians, nurses, and all hospital staff. Ethicon supports SAGES’ position regarding the use of a smoke evacuator* in laparoscopic and open cases, in addition to the strict use of appropriate PPE.  

* SAGES’ recommendation is general to smoke evacuators and is not specific to any one brand.

SAGES COVID-19 Announcements, Surgical Guidances and Smoke Evacuation


*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

†In a preclinical porcine model at 60W vs. uncoated stainless steel blades at 60W (p<0.001).

‡May provide more efficient smoke evacuation by capturing smoke at the source.

§In a preclinical study of porcine abdominal tissue that utilized a blinded surgeon cosmetic assessment of thermal damage vs. PTFE-coated monopolar electrosurgery (p=0.031)

βThe legacy ACE Blade™ electrode and MEGADYNE™ Telescoping Smoke Evacuation Soft Tissue Dissector are one contiguous unit and are not sold separately. To achieve optimal device performance the MEGADYNE™ Telescoping Smoke Evacuation Soft Tissue Dissector should be used in combination with a Megadyne™ Generator in ACE/GEM mode

¥Efficiently captures and filters 99.999% of particulates and microorganisms of 0.1 to 0.2 microns and performs quiet at 50 +/- 10 dBa per IEC 60601-1 at 1 m, with 59.2 dBA in open mode and 51.9 dBA in lap mode at 1 m

≤Based on device-related complications reported to the FDA from January 1994 to December 2013

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