Shaping the Future of Bariatric Surgery. Together.
Shaping the Future of Bariatric Surgery. Together.

According to the WHO, worldwide obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1975, affecting over 650 million adults aged 18 and over.1  As we begin to better understand the significant impact of obesity on people and the health care systems, Ethicon remains committed to working with multiple stakeholders to improve the treatment of this significant disease.

Shaping the Future of Surgery

Over a Century of Meaningful Innovation

At Ethicon, weʼre focused on improving health outcomes for patients and helping solve the greatest health challenges… with only meaningful innovation. The kind that led to the creation of the first sutures, that helped revolutionize surgery with minimally invasive procedures, and that elevates standards of care around the world.

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Johnson & Johnson Announces Agreement to Acquire Auris Health, Inc.
Auris Health’s Robotic Platform Expands Johnson & Johnson’s Digital Surgery Portfolio
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Ethicon Reinforces Commitment to Fight Obesity
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New Evidence Shows Association Between Innovation and Reduced Complications in Thoracic Surgery
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Ethicon Celebrates 130 Years of Transforming Surgery to Advance Patient Outcomes
Ethicon showcases past, present and future innovations on its 130th anniversary of the world’s first mass-produced sterilized suture

† Challenging tissue - thick, fragile, and varying thickness and density

* System components include ECHELON FLEX Powered Plus Stapler and ECHELON ENDOPATH Reloads with Gripping Surface Technology.

i. Compared to Mega Soft

ii. Compared to Mega Soft Universal

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