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Your breast augmentation patients expect only the best from you as their doctor. Trust in our proven portfolio of breast aesthetics innovations.


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 Restoring her life after breast cancer

Your breast reconstruction patients envision successful outcomes. We offer an advanced reconstruction portfolio of high-quality breast implants and tissue expanders.


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We provide a website for potential patients with product information, Q&A, before-and-after photos and more to support patient-doctor communication.



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The MENTORPromise
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As the world’s leading1 maker of high-quality breast implants for over 30 years, MENTOR® has been the trusted choice by millions of women worldwide. Our track record of quality and innovation allows us to go above and beyond industry standards with the most comprehensive protection plan available — the MENTORPromise



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Not All Innovations
are Equal


At Mentor, we believe that innovation should be driven by what patients need and should be backed by solid research, high design and thorough testing.  It takes some time to develop and launch safe, impactful innovations that significantly and positively affect patient outcomes. 

This is why we stand by our proven portfolio of meaningful innovations. We are committed to earning and keeping your trust by offering new product innovations as they are needed and valued by your patients.  

not all innovations are equal

MENTOR MemoryGel Xtra Breast Implants


MENTOR® MemoryGel® Xtra Breast Implants

The natural look and feel she desires2


Chosen by millions of women worldwide for over 30 years, MemoryGel™ Breast Implants have been proven to deliver long-lasting satisfaction. And now MemoryGel™ Xtra Breast Implants offer Xtra Projection, Xtra Fullness, and Xtra Firmness3.




CPX™4 Breast Tissue Expander

Right from the start.
Made to match.


The CPX™4 Breast Tissue Expander is a postoperative adjustable device that provides enhanced patient comfort and directionally focused breast expansion to mimic the shape of a natural breast.





CPX 4 Breast Tissue Expander


MENTOR CPG Gel Breast Implants


MENTOR® CPGTM Gel Breast Implants

Unsurpassed projection

The MENTOR® CPG™ Implant offers TEXTURE YOU CAN TRUST, supported by long-term clinical data, and the most PROJECTING SHAPED IMPLANTon the market. 







1 Based on worldwide market share. Data as of June 2017.
2 As compared to saline-filled breast implants.
3 Product Dimensions for MemoryGel(TM) and MemoryGel(TM) Xtra Breast Implants Mentor R&D Compression Benchtop Testing - July 2017.
4Most projection based on projection and base width comparisons of the following textured shaped silicone gel breast implants:
1. CPG™ Gel Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 410 TruForm™
2. Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 410 TruForm™
3. Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 510 Dual Gel Anatomical Implants, Silimed BIODESIGN™ Matrix Textured Breast Implants, The Matrix Breast Implants by EUROSILICONE™, NAGOR™ CoGel System® Breast Implants, SEBBIN Naturgel™ Anatomical Breast Implants, CEREPLAS® Anatomical Breasts Implants and POLYTECH SublimeLine®. NATRELLE™ Product Catalogue 11-2008, Silimed Catalogue 2012, EUROSILICONE™ Product Catalogue 2013, NAGOR™ Product Catalogue 2013, SEBBIN Naturgel™ Anatomical Implants Catalog, CEREPLAS® Anatomical Breast Implants, and POLYTECH SublimeLine® Catalogs all accessed 11/4/2014

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Important Safety Information

MENTOR® Breast Implants are indicated for breast augmentation, in women who are at least 18 years old, or for breast reconstruction. Breast implant surgery should not be performed in women with active infection anywhere in their body, with existing cancer or pre-cancer of their breast(s) who have not received adequate treatment for those conditions or who are pregnant or nursing.

There are risks associated with breast implant surgery. Breast implants are not lifetime devices and breast implantation is not necessarily a one-time surgery.

The most common complications with MENTOR® MemoryGel™ Breast Implants include re-operation, implant removal, capsular contracture, asymmetry, and breast pain. A lower risk of complication is implant rupture, which is most often silent. The health consequences of a ruptured silicone gel-filled breast implant have not been fully established. Screenings such as mammography, MRI, or ultrasound are recommended after initial implant surgery to assist in detecting implant rupture.

The most common complications with MENTOR® Saline-Filled Implants include re-operation, implant removal, capsular contracture, wrinkling, deflation, asymmetry, and breast pain.

MENTOR® CPX™4 Breast Tissue Expanders can be utilized for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, correction of an underdeveloped breast, scar revision and tissue defect procedures.

These expanders are intended for temporary subcutaneous or submuscular implantation.*

CONTOUR PROFILE™ Tissue Expanders are devices that contain magnetic injection domes and are NOT MRI compatible. Do not use the CONTOUR PROFILE™ Tissue Expander in patients where an MRI may be needed. DO NOT use the CONTOUR PROFILE™ Tissue Expander in patients that have a previously implanted device that could be affected by a magnetic field. The device could be moved by the MRI causing pain or displacement, potentially resulting in a revision surgery. The incidence of extrusion of the expander has been shown to increase when the expander has been placed in injured areas: scarred, heavily irradiated or burned tissue, crushed bone areas or where severe surgical reduction of the area has previously been performed.

Your patient needs to be informed and understand the risks and benefits of breast implants, and provided with an opportunity to consult with you prior to deciding on surgery.

For detailed indications, contraindications, warning and precautions associated with the use of all MENTOR® Implantable Devices, please refer to the Product Insert Data Sheet provided with each product, or review the Important Safety Information provided at