Fracture Neck of Femur

This lady was the very first CORAIL® stem patient and the first fractured neck of femur patient treated with CORAIL. Although suffering from severe osteoporosis, she was then a very active woman, she was a keen alpine skier and mountaineer. In August 1986, she suffered from a fractured neck of femur after a mountain accident. Madame V was operated on at the Clinique d’Argonnay, Annecy, by Dr Machenaud of the ARTRO Group, who implanted the first CORAIL Stem.


Results from trials around the treatment of femoral neck fractures show that primary arthroplasty provides a better solution than hemi-arthroplasty or internal fixation. In randomised clinical trials Total Hip Replacement (THR) has been found to provide improved clinical results in relation to hip function, level of pain and health-related quality of life than either internal fixation or hemiarthroplasty, in previously mobile, otherwise healthy lucid fractured neck of femur patients aged more than 60 years old.1-3 In those patients, randomised clinical trials have also reported lower revision rates for THR than either hemi-arthroplasty or internal fixation.3


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