Important Safety Information & Latest Updates

At Mentor, we are committed to ensuring every woman has a full understanding of both benefits and risks before deciding to undergo surgery for breast implants. The important safety information you and your patients should discuss prior-to surgery are available in the digital brochures and pamphlets below.

In addition to what is included in the documents, it’s important that you know the following safety updates:

  1. Patients who undergo breast implant surgery with connective tissue diseases (CTD) may experience an increased risk of wound dehiscence, infection and bleeding (likely due to their ongoing medical management) that may require further treatment.
  2. Some patients with breast implants have reported experiences of neurological and/or rheumatological diseases. Mentor is currently collecting data to further understand these potential risks and their possible association with breast implants.

We will continue to share the most up-to-date safety information on this website and recommend you check in periodically to ensure you have the latest safety information available.

Disclaimer: The links beyond this webpage may contain promotional materials, that in countries where direct promotional advertising is not allowed is addressed only to Health Care Professionals (HCPs). 

Siltex Becker Expander / Breast Implants PIDS

Siltex Becker Multilingual Supplemental PIDS

Mentor Gel & CPG Breast Implants CE-Marked PIDS

Mentor Gel & CPG Breast Implants CE-Marked Outsert

Mentor Sterile Resterilizable Gel Sizers CE-Marked PIDS

Round-CPG-Becker Patient Brochure (English)

Round-CPG-Becker Patient Brochure (French)

MENTORPromise Protection Plan

MENTORPromise Brochure


Breast Augmentation Patients Education Full Brochure