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Digital Solutions in the Operating Room: Asklepios Lindenlohe Uses SPI Software from Johnson & Johnson Medical

Originally published as Supplement in WELT AM SONNTAG / DIE WELT, Regional Issue Hamburg, 15./17. September 2019

Partnering for success: Asklepios Lindenlohe and Johnson & Johnson Medical

Asklepios is one of the leading private hospital operators in Germany. The Orthopedic Asklepios Clinic in Lindenlohe – under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Heiko Graichen – Is regarded as an international reference center for endoprostheses.

Complex surgery in endoprosthetics requires a high degree of precision and teamwork. For a successful operation with the aim of the best possible medical quality and safety for the patients, it is very important that the team is very well prepared and know the process steps exactly. Especially in the case of staff shortages, communication problems and stress can occur within the team. This can disrupt the surgical procedure and thus extend the surgery times. Prolonged operation times go along with increased infection rate and are therefore a negative quality indicator. Another factor that can influence the quality of treatment is the lack of coordination in the treatment process through different surgical procedures. In order to achieve a consistently high quality of care, a high level of safety in the OR, efficient processes and better team coordination, Asklepios Lindenlohe has therefore turned to a partner in order to jointly develop solutions to these challenges.

Together with Johnson & Johnson Medical, Asklepios Lindenlohe has developed an in-house operation standard. This includes the sequence of the individual surgical steps, the instruments used, as well as safety-relevant milestones and the documentation contents. With the help of the software solution of the Surgical Process Institute (SPI), a German start-up company, that Johnson & Johnson Medical acquired some time ago, this standard has been digitized with the surgeon and the surgical team using voice output and monitors to direct the operation. Through individual, digital workflows, each operation is performed to the same high-quality standards. In addition to the safety and quality gain for the patient, the clinic staff also benefit from this solution. Nurses are assisted in real time to assist physicians in performing procedures, and they can become familiar with the course of surgery in preparation. Even young doctors can be trained in advance on the computer. Digitization will also reduce hospital staff's need for documentation, allowing them to spend more time with their patients.

"The SPI software enables better team coordination and communication between caregivers, surgeons and assistant physicians. For complex and less frequent surgeries such as a knee revision surgery, it helps my team prepare well and thus reduces the level of stress in the operating room. Since the introduction of the SPI software solution in 2015, we have already performed more than 900 operations using the standardized, digital workflows. We were able to gain an average of 13 minutes per operation and were thus able to carry out an additional operation per day on average,*" says Prof. Graichen.

For optimal quality of care and high patient satisfaction, it is not only important to look at the process during surgery, but to evaluate the entire patient path before, during, and after surgery.

"It's important to put the patient at the center of care and engage him actively throughout the treatment pathway. Better information sharing and shared decision-making between patients and the treating team leads to better outcomes and increases patient satisfaction. Not only the exchange between patients and the treating team is important, also the communication within the team has a significant influence on the success of the treatment.

“Due to the successful collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Medical and Asklepios Lindenlohe in the field of digital synchronization of surgical procedures, our partnership cooperation will be expanded to jointly optimize the entire patient path in the field of endoprosthetics," emphasizes Prof. Graichen.

For this purpose, Johnson & Johnson Medical established its value-based healthcare approach – CareAdvantage – in 2017, which includes a digital patient path program. Named Care4Today, this program accompanies the patient in terms of quality and efficiency from the consultation until after discharge from the hospital. The Care4Today patient app connects the patient with the hospital and serves the patient as a daily companion. In this way, the patient is provided in advance with digital information about the operation, as well as specific training programs. But even in the hospital, the patient will benefit directly from digitization by showing him his daily routine very transparently.

*Referenz: Datenanalyse Asklepios Lindenlohe für Knie- und Hüftoperationen zwischen 2015 und 2018, Data on file

PR 182/09.2019