ACUSON AcuNav™ Ultrasound Catheter

Increase insight into the heart during transseptal punctures. The ACUSON AcuNav™ Ultrasound Catheter provides high resolution 2D grayscale and Doppler models that help better understand structural orientation, visualize cardiac chamber borders and verify tissue contact.

The ACUSON AcuNav™ Ultrasound Catheter is intended for intracardiac and intraluminal visualization of cardiac & great vessel anatomy and physiology as well as visualization of other devices in the heart. Adverse events related to cardiac catheterization have been documented. It shall be more clearly stated that ultrasound help mitigate the risk of complications but it does not avoid any. There is always a risk for the patient.

ACUSON AcuNav™ is a trademark of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.*

ACUSON AcuNav™ Ultrasound Catheter

Features & Benefits

acunav ultrasound catheter

Precise Real-Time Visualisation

  • Precise, real-time visualisation of anatomic and physiologic detail
  • Enhanced insight into proximal anatomy and potential hazards
  • Doppler imaging of blood flow and velocity, and myocardial wall motion
  • Four-way steering to 160°, for precise positioning and new views of the heart

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Indication Statement

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