ATTUNE® Knee System

The ATTUNE® Primary Total Knee System is designed with the goal of addressing the clinical needs of patients, surgeons, and hospital providers around the world. Extensive research and science are included in the design to help improve functional outcomes for patients, performance for surgeons, and efficiency for providers.

The ATTUNE Knee is a comprehensive, integrated knee system. It is one of the largest research-and-development projects in the history of DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction and combines the latest in design, kinematics, engineering and materials to deliver stability and motion.

ATTUNE® Knee System

Features & Benefits

  • SOFCAM™ Contact

    SOFCAM™ Contact

    The proprietary S-curve of the SOFCAM Contact is designed to provide a smooth engagement for gradual femoral rollback and stability in flexion, while reducing stresses transferred to the tibial spine.

  • LOGICLOCK™ Tibial Base

    LOGICLOCK™ Tibial Base

    The LOGICLOCK Tibial Base has a patented central locking design that provides the architecture for the system that optimizes kinematics, while reducing backside micromotion to the lowest reported levels in the industry.1



    The patented ATTUNE GRADIUS Curve is the gradually reducing femoral radius designed to provide a smooth transition from stability to rotational freedom through a patient's range of motion.



    The GLIDERIGHT Articulation encompasses a trochlear groove designed to accommodate patient variation and soft tissue interaction, and patella components designed to optimize patella tracking while maintaining bone coverage.

  • Tibial Base with the ATTUNE S+™ Technology

    Tibial Base with the ATTUNE S+™ Technology

    The ATTUNE S+ Technology is designed to enhance tibial fixation with its innovative combination of macrolock features and a microblast surface finish on the tibial base. These features are designed to provide greater residual pull off strength under a range of simulated intra-operative conditions and the presence of lipid infiltration.

  • INTUITION™ Instruments

    INTUITION™ Instruments

    The INTUITION Instruments combine the surgical process with intuitive and efficient instruments to allow the surgeon to balance the soft tissue and precisely control the implant position and fit for each patient.

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1. Leisinger S., S. Hazebrouck, D. Deffenbaugh, M. Heldreth. "Advanced fixed bearing TKA locking mechanism minimizes backside micromotion." 24th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA), Poster No. 86, September 20-23, 2011, Bruges, Belgium.

Indication Statement

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU.