BIOCRYL RAPIDE™ Biocomposite Material

BIOCRYL RAPIDE™ is a biocomposite material. A proprietary Micro-Particle Dispersion (MPD) manufacturing process ensures a homogenous dispersion of the composite materials*, while ensuring osteoconductive β-TCP is in close apposition with the surrounding bone tissues.

BIOCRYL RAPIDE™ Biocomposite Material

Features & Benefits

  • One Material, Multiple Implant Options

    DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine offers a BIOCRYL RAPIDE™ Family of Implants consisting of suture anchors and interference screws.

  • BioComposite 70% PLGA/30% β-TCP

    Faster resorbing Second-Generation Resorbable Co-Polymer of Poly-L-Lactic Acid and Poly-Glycolic Acid (PLGA) plus β-TriCalcium Phosphate (β-TCP).1

  • Resorbable & Promotes Boney Ingrowth

    Pre-clinical and clinical testing has shown that BIOCYL RAPIDE Material resorbs over time, followed by bone in-growth.1,2,

  • Pure Medical Grade β-TCP

    Ensures purity of β-TCP without added fillers.

  • Micro Particle Dispersion Technology

    MPD is a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures a homogenous blend of β-TCP and PLGA particles. Dispersion of the composite particles is critical to the material strength properties.3

  • Radiopaque

    β-TCP enables the implant to be visible on x-ray.


* Non-homogeneous composites may result in a material with compromised or variable strength properties due to stress risers within the material.

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Indication Statement

For product details such as indication, contraindication, warning and precaution please consult the IFU.