Experience detailed mapping across all four chambers of the heart with the PENTARAYTM NAV eco Catheter. Enjoy high signal resolution using this navigational diagnostic catheter with five soft, flexible splines for full coverage. When the PENTARAYTM NAV eco Catheter is used with our CARTO® 3 MEM version it allows you to sample multiple points of cardiac mapping data simultaneously for reduced procedure and fluoroscopy time.

Accuracy CARTO® PENTARAYTM NAV eco Catheter

Features & Benefits

Optimised Design CARTO® PENTARAYTM NAV eco Catheter

Optimised Design

  • Designed to quickly create high density, high definition maps and precise anatomical maps with minimal catheter manipulation
Accuracy CARTO® PENTARAYTM NAV eco Catheter


  • Map precise signals and validate termination of signals in atrial tachycardias, ventricular tachycardias, and complex fractionated electrograms in atrial fibrillation

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Indication Statement

Important information: For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU.

Always verify catheter tip location using fluoroscopy or IC signals and consult the CARTO® 3 System User Guide regarding recommendations for fluoroscopy use.