CONCORDE® Bullet Device

The key feature of the CONCORDE Bullet Interbody Cage is the bulleted nose for ease of insertion into the interbody space. Available in carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), titanium, and titanium integrated material (PROTI 360°™), CONCORDE Bullet offers optimized area for bone graft and tantalum markers (CFRP option) also allow you to visualize the position of the cage in situ. CONCORDE Bullet is designed for surgeons who prefer a straight, oblique placement of the implant and is intended to be used with supplementary posterior instrumentation.

CONCORDE® Bullet Device

Features & Benefits

  • Bulleted nose designed to facilitate insertion

    Bulleted nose designed to facilitate insertion

    Designed to lower maximum insertion force into tight disc spaces

  • CFRP composition available

    CFRP composition available

    • Strength and stiffness similar to cortical bone
    • Allows for open architecture optimizing graft volume
  • Tantalum markers (only in CFRP option)

    Tantalum markers (only in CFRP option)

    Three markers allow for verification of placement and positioning


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Indication Statement

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