CONCORDE® Clear MIS Discectomy Device

The CONCORDE® Clear MIS Discectomy Device is single-use, sterile packed instrument that enables disc clearing and endplate preparation through a minimally invasive approach, using a suction-curette mechanism.

CONCORDE® Clear MIS Discectomy Device

Features & Benefits

  • Variable Cutting Tip Sizes 

    • Available in angles of 15°, 30°, & 40° and two lengths to accommodate various approaches
    • Cutting edges shear disc material from the endplates while the suction draws disc material into the tube
  • Tip Guard

    Designed to reduce penetration risk of the anterior annulus and minimize clogging of the tip

  • 360° Wall Suction Connection

    Allows for user-friendly instrument movement

  • Finger-Controlled Suction Valve

    Places on/off control of suction in surgeon’s control

  • Transparent Handle

    Provides visualization of collected disc material

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Indication Statement

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