The DELTAFILL™ showcases a complex primary wind thanks to the DELTAWIND™ Technology. It has hundreds of natural micro-deflection points and it’s designed to seek out open spaces and then fill them during aneurysm treatment.

Two systems are available: A DELTAFILL™ 10 System with primary outer diameter of 0.0105” is available and a DELTAFILL™ 18 System with primary outer diameter of 0.015”.


Features & Benefits

  • DELTAWIND™ Microcoil Technology

    The design has a unique, complex primary wind. This triangular-shaped wind establishes hundreds of micro deflection points.

  • Versatility

    Every 0.25mm it has the ability to adjust in any direction.

  • Long Coil Lengths

    With coil lengths up to 60cm long, more packing can be achieved while potentially using fewer coils.

  • Softer

    It’s engineered to be softer than previous generation 18-system coils.


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Indication Statement

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