By helping to visualise and confirm the relative anatomical relationship between the esophagus and the posterior wall of the left atrium, the ESOPHASTAR™ Esophageal Mapping Catheter allows for increased procedural confidence. Versatility is provided by the ability to determine catheter location using the CARTO® 3 System. With the CARTO® 3 System, images can be rotated and viewed from different angles, and any esophageal movement can be determined by re-mapping.


Features & Benefits

Esophageal Monitoring

  • Helps indicate the relative anatomical relationship between the esophagus and posterial wall of the left atrium
  • Can be visualised under the CARTO® 3 System or traditional imaging
  • Made specifically for use in the esophagus
  • Design is similar to a nasogastric tube

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Indication Statement

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