EXPEDIUM® 4.5 System

In pediatric patients and small stature patients, larger deformities can be challenging issues in spinal surgery. Concerns over implant profile and implant selection, along with the ability to choose instrumentation based on patient size and pathology are common when treating this patient group.

DePuy Synthes Spine has developed a complete rod-hook-screw system specifically designed for these smaller anatomies: the EXPEDIUM® 4.5 System.

The EXPEDIUM 4.5 System is an option for cases in which the surgeon is challenged with implant protrusion and cosmetic issues. In addition, the system combines a variety of screw and hook designs (e.g., polyaxial, uniplanar, etc.) and rod materials (i.e., Ti, SS and CoCr Alloy) to offer flexibility for the treatment of different cases.

EXPEDIUM® 4.5 System

Features & Benefits

  • Low implant profile

    Low implant profile

    Decreases soft tissue disruption

  • • In-Line Technology (e.g., Top loading polyaxial, monoaxial, uniplanar, and reduction screws)
    • Offset Technology (bolts and slotted connectors)
    • Complete line of hooks
    • Ti, SS and CoCr Alloy rods

    Implant options are available for different anatomies and pathologies, as well as a variety of correction techniques

  • Instruments specifically designed for smaller anatomies

    Instruments are designed for precision in procedures involving smaller anatomies

  • Common implant features with other systems in the EXPEDIUM System Portfolio:
    • Square Thread set screw
    • TOP NOTCH® Feature
    • Reduction Tools

    Implant/instrument interface (via the TOP NOTCH feature) is designed to facilitate correction maneuvers


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Indication Statement

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