EXPEDIUM® 5.5 Spine System

The EXPEDIUM® 5.5 System provides technological advancements to treat a range of spinal pathologies. The EXPEDIUM Spine System offers a comprehensive solution for rigid posterior fixation of the thoracolumbar regions of the spine.

The EXPEDIUM Spine System is a hook, rod and screw system comprising a variety of implant options including:
• Polyaxial, Uniplanar, Monoaxial, and Reduction Pedicle Screws
• Hooks, Cables and Wires
• Spinal Rods in Titanium (Alloy and Commercially Pure), Cobalt Chromium Alloy, and Stainless Steel (Standard, High and Ultra Strengths)

The EXPEDIUM Spine System combines simplicity and versatility allowing the surgeon to treat various patient anatomies. 

expedium spine system

Features & Benefits

  • expedium 55 spine system

    TOP NOTCH™ Feature

  • expedium 55 spine system

    Smart Screw Design

  • expedium 55 spine system

    Square Thread Closure Mechanism

  • expedium 55 spine system

    Dual Innie Independent Locking Technology

  • expedium 55 spine system

    Multiple Options for Sacropelvic Fixation


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Indication Statement

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