EXPEDIUM® Universal Connector Set 

The EXPEDIUM® Universal Connector Set is a dedicated revision set configured specifically for extending Thoracolumbar spinal constructs. The streamlined tray contains connectors and pre-bent rods needed to extend posterior thoracolumbar constructs. Our connectors are designed to overcome the challenges of revision surgery. The EXPEDIUM Universal Connector Set will allow for intra-operative selection of an implant based on the patient pathology, existing hardware and revision goal.

EXPEDIUM® Universal Connector Set

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-contoured z-rod

    Designed to realign the new construct without the need for extensive bending in the coronal plane

  • Multiple connector options 

    Provides choice of connectors during surgery
  • TOP NOTCH® connector

    Allows for top loading and reduction of the new rod
  • Variable connector
    Attaches to multiple rod diameters


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Indication Statement

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