The EXPEDIUM VERSE® System can treat multiple patient pathologies including adult deformity, complex degenerative, pediatric AIS (adolescentidiopathic scoliosis) and trauma.


Features & Benefits

  • TOP NOTCH® Feature

    TOP NOTCH® Feature

    The TOP NOTCH Feature is designed to facilitate connection of instruments to the implant.

  • expedium verse spinal system

    Head Drag

    A drag mechanism is designed to enable the implant head to retain alignment and simplify rod capture.

  • Hypermobile Head with a Favored Angle

    Hypermobile Head with a Favored Angle

    EXPEDIUM VERSE is designed to combine aspects of a side loading implant with a top tightening system. The black line on the tab indicates the side of the Favored Angle.

  • X25 Drive Feature

    The EXPEDIUM VERSE® System provides an X25 Drive Feature designed to deliver more torque compared to the T20 Drive Feature provided in the EXPEDIUM 5.5 System.

  • Fully Threaded Dual-Lead Shank

    The double-lead thread, self-tapping and self-centering shank is designed to provide faster screw insertion, enhanced bone purchase, and help ensure accurate placement within the pedicle.

  • Extended Tabs with Loading Zone

    Powerful integrated reduction with an alignment feature.

  • Correction Key

    The Correction Key delivers independent locking of the polyaxial head and rod, providing the benefit of a polyaxial screw with the correction control of a monoaxial screw.

  • Unitized Set Screw

    One-step locking of the polyaxial head and rod can be achieved with the Unitized Set Screw when independent locking is not required.


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Indication Statement

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU.