Expert Hindfoot Arthodesis Nail

Lateral bend of the Expert Hindfoot Arthodesis Nail permits proper hindfoot alignment and improves patient’s gait (3°- 5° valgus). Distal locking options of spiral blade or screws provide purchase in poor quality bone.

Expert Hindfoot Arthodesis Nail

Features & Benefits

  • Distal & Talar Locking Options

    Distal & Talar Locking Options

    Screw orientation options:

    • Calcaneus into the cuboid
    • Talus into the navicular
  • Spiral Blade

    Spiral Blade

    • Increased surface area optimises load distribution in the calcaneus  
    • Lengths: 45 mm – 100 mm (5 mm increments)
    • Cannulated for insertion over a 3.2 mm guide wire
    • 12.5 mm blade diameter
    • Front-cutting end
    • Implants common with the Expert R/AFN  
    • Titanium alloy
  • End Caps

    End Caps

    • Lock spiral blade or the most distal locking screw
    • Designed to prevent ingrowth of soft tissue and facilitate nail extraction
    • Sit flush with end of nail
    • Self-retaining, T25 recess for easy pickup and insertion of end cap
    • Titanium alloy
  • Nail Design

    Nail Design

    • The lateral bend allows an entry site in the center of the lateral column of the calcaneus
    • Permits proper hindfoot alignment and restores 3°–5° valgus positioning for a better gait
    • Cannulated for use over all Synthes 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm ball-tipped reaming rods
    • Titanium alloy


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Indication Statement

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