Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) available with PROtect Coating

The Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) is standard in treating tibial fractures with a wide range of indications.

The Expert Tibial Nail with PROtect Coating releases high concentrations of antibiotics into the implant’s surroundings to protect your patients from bacterial colonization of the implant. 

Expert Tibial Nail (ETN) available with PROtect Coating

Features & Benefits

  • PROtect


    Designed to enhance safety for high-risk patients and developed to deliver targeted protection against localised infection.1

  • Versatile Proximal Locking Options

    • Three advanced locking options 
    • Cancellous bone locking screws
    • Two state of the art medio-lateral (ML) locking options
  • End Caps

    • Securely lock the most proximal oblique locking screw to create a fixed-angle construct
    • End cap designed to prevent ingrowth of tissue and facilitate nail extraction
    • Self-retaining Stardrive T40 recess for effortless end cap pick-up and ease of insertion
    • 0 mm end cap sits flush with nail
  • Advanced Nail Design

    • Anatomic bend for ease of insertion
    • Titanium alloy TAN for mechanical and fatigue properties
    • Cannulated nails for reamed or unreamed techniques, enabling nail insertion over guide wire
  • Advanced Distal Locking Options

    • Distal oblique locking option designed to reduce soft tissue damage of the distal fragment
    • Two ML and one antero-posterior (AP) locking options for stability of the distal fragment
  • Cancellous Bone Locking Screws

    • Indicated for the three proximal locking options of all tibial nail diameters
    • Dual-core design
    • Lengths: 30 mm – 90 mm

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1. Thomas Fuchs, Richard Stange, Gerhard Schmidmaier, Michael J. Raschke. The use of gentamicin-coated nails in the tibia: preliminary results of a prospective study. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg (2011) 131:1419–1425.

Indication Statement

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU and Surgical Technique.