GLOBAL™ APG+ (Anchor Peg Glenoid) 

The patented GLOBAL™ APG+ (Anchor Peg Glenoid) achieves immediate stability with the three minimally cemented peripheral pegs and provides a proven method of fixation1 through an interference fit of the central peg. The central peg facilitates bony integration around the flutes for increased fixation strength.

The Anchor Peg Glenoid is available in PREMIERON™ X-Linked Polyethelene - the brand name for our moderately cross-linked polyethylene.

Anchor Peg Glenoid

Features & Benefits

  • Proven fixation1

    Central interference fit and angled peripheral pegs for immediate mechanical stability

  • Compatibility

    The Anchor Peg Glenoid design is optimised for use with the DePuy Synthes GLOBAL™ Shoulder System. 

  • Moderately cross-linked polyethylene

    • Gamma-radiation followed by thermal treatment forces molecular recombination, enhances material consolidation and eliminates free radicals, making moderately cross-linked polyethylene oxidatively stable2
    • In shoulder simulator testing, moderately cross-linked polyethylene material demonstrated an 85% wear reduction over conventional manufactured and sterilized material,3 reducing the chance of particulate debris generation. 
  • Long-term stability

    Improved fixation strength over time following proven in-growth around peg flutes1

  • Cement

    DePuy Synthes recommends SMARTSET™ GHV Gentamicin Bone Cement for use with the Anchor Peg Glenoid. 


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3. Data on file at DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. WR#030290. 

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