GLOBAL ENABLE® Glenoid Exposure System

The GLOBAL ENABLE Glenoid Exposure System is designed to simplify glenoid exposure during primary and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. GLOBAL ENABLE System provides a step-by-step methodology for glenoid exposure with consideration for challenging exposure situations. The retractor set includes eight retractors designed for Access, Protection, and Control.

GLOBAL ENABLE® Glenoid Exposure System

Features & Benefits

  • Blunt Point Gelpi

    Blunt Point Gelpi

    • The Blunt Point Gelpi is a self-retaining retractor with blunted ends that retracts soft tissue without damaging it
    • The Blunt Point Gelpi is used to control soft tissue throughout shoulder replacement surgery and is frequently used to open the deltopectoral interval
  • Reverse Hohmann

    Reverse Hohmann

    • The Reverse Hohmann is designed to protect soft tissue and neurovascular structures, specifically the axillary nerve, during soft tissue releases
    • Additionally, it can be used to retract soft tissue and muscle in large, bulky patients
  • Proximal Humerus Spreader

    Proximal Humerus Spreader

    • The Proximal Humerus Spreader is designed to give the surgeon access to the glenoid without interference
    • The Proximal Humerus Spreader has a flat plate that rests on the humerus osteotomy surface and a saddle that is placed on the base of the corocoid
    • As the spreader is engaged it retracts the humerus posteriorly to the glenoid, increasing access to the glenoid, allowing the surgeon to more easily prepare the glenoid surface
  • Medium Acromial Retractor

    Medium Acromial Retractor

    • The Medium Acromial Retractor is designed to be used to control soft tissue in large, bulky patients as well as control and dislocate the humerus out of the shoulder joint before humeral head resection
  • Anterior Glenoid Neck Retractor

    Anterior Glenoid Neck Retractor

    • The Anterior Glenoid Neck Retractor protects the subscapularis and anterior capsule after the subscapularis tendon has been released. In larger patients, it is used to protect the pectoral muscle and surrounding tissue
  • Modified Sonnabend

    Modified Sonnabend

    • The Modified Sonnabend is an exclusive retractor found only in the GLENOID ENABLE System set
    • Designed with a 6mm lip to retract the humerus posteriorly after humeral head resection
  • Small Pectoral Retractor

    Small Pectoral Retractor

    • This offset facilitates access to the glenoid
    • Designed to control and position the deltoid muscle laterally and superiorly
    • Bilateral flares on the blade are designed to help reduce the risk of soft tissue damage
  • Forked Retractor

    Forked Retractor

    • Designed to increase access to the glenoid for patients with smaller anatomic features
    • A center cut out in the retractor is designed to allow better access to the glenoid during instrument use or placement

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