GLOBAL UNITE™ Shoulder System 

The GLOBAL UNITE Platform Shoulder Arthroplasty System, a modular shoulder system that provides surgeons adaptability within the Operating Room without compromising recognised biomechanical principles.

In the event that the patient’s pathology indicates that a GLOBAL UNITE System conversion to a reverse shoulder is required for patients with a grossly deficient rotator cuff, the conversion can be accommodated without compromising biomechanics. Removal of the proximal body makes provision for the epiphysis to be attached to a well-fixed distal stem within the humerus at the proper height and version to optimise deltoid function.1

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Features & Benefits

  • Distal Stem

    • Proximally porous-coated titanium alloy stems
    • Sizes 6 – 16mm
    • Standard and long lengths
  • Modularity 

    • Ability to convert to DELTA XTEND™ without compromising the biomechanics of the reverse shoulder in patients with a grossly deficient rotator cuff
    • Converts to DELTA XTEND
  • Flexibility 

    • 3 proximal body heights in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16
    • Ability to match the most suitable proximal body with any stem
  • Stability 

    • POROCOAT™ Porous Coating to facilitate bone integration
    • Suture collar facilitates tuberosity positioning and fixation
  • Proximal Bodies 

    • Porous coated bodies available in 4 sizes (10, 12, 14, 16) that can be mixed and matched across all stem sizes to allow the surgeon flexibility in treating the fracture
    • All body sizes are available in 3 height configurations (-5, -0, +5) designed to allow proper anatomic restoration of the tuberosities when the distal stem is used in a press-fit configuration
  • Modular Suture Collars 

    • Modular suture collars allow the anatomic placement of the tuberosities and suture fixation
  • Conversion to Reverse Total Shoulder

    • GLOBAL UNITE System allows conversion to a Reverse Total Shoulder Prosthesis through the removal of the proximal body and use of DELTA XTEND Epiphyseal and Glenoid Components in patients with a grossly deficient rotator cuff

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1. Boileau P, Watkinson DJ, Hatzidakis AM, Balg F. Grammont Reverse Prosthesis: Design Rationale and Biomechanics. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2005;14:S147-S161