GRIPTION® TF Acetabular Revision System

GRIPTION® TF Acetabular Revision System is an innovative technology for addressing bone defects in complex acetabular revision surgery. It represents one of the latest advances in materials, fixation, and instrumentation technologies. The system features augments, buttresses, and shims.

GRIPTION® TF Acetabular Revision System

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Material

    Advanced Material

    The GRIPTION TF System Material is a completely porous structure made from commercially pure titanium. It is designed to provide a modulus of elasticity similar to bone, and a coefficient of friction that allows for initial scratch fit.

  • Advanced Fixation

    Advanced Fixation

    The GRIPTION TF Augments allow surgeons to select between cement-less, cemented, and hybrid options of Augment to shell fixation.

  • Advanced Instrumentation

    Advanced Instrumentation

    The instruments for the GRIPTION TF System were designed to provide ease of use and consistency for the surgeon and OR team.

  • GRIPTION® TF Acetabular Revision System

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