HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears

The improved dissection capability of the fine jaw design may allow for precise dissection similar to that of a mechanical dissector.*,1-2

Tesouras HARMONIC® HD 1000i


*In a pre-clinical study, for both iliac dissection and lymph node dissection, the HD1000i was significantly superior to HARMONIC ACE+7 in dissecting capability (p<0.001 in all cases). (C2072)

1. Ethicon Inc, PSB004399A, HARMONIC HD 1000i Open Shears (HARHD20) and HARMONIC HD1000i Laparoscopic Shears (HARHD36): Design Verification Acute Study in the Pig, Mar 2016, Data on File.

2. Ethicon Inc, 2016072, HARMONIC HD 1000i and Ligasure Maryland AND HARMONIC HD 1000i and Endopath Maryland Dissector, Mar 2016, Data on File.