Biosense Webster 

HELIOSTAR™ Balloon Ablation Catheter

The HELIOSTAR™ Balloon Ablation Catheter is fully integrated with the CARTO® 3 System, enabling an efficient, customisable, and low fluoroscopy workflow for PV isolation.*,1,2

HELIOSTAR™ Balloon Ablation Catheter

Features and Benefits

 Customisable Energy Delivery

 Customisable Energy Delivery1

  • Automatically titrate energy delivery based on anatomical location1
  • Perform circumferential or segmental ablation1
CARTO® integration

CARTO® integration†,1,6

  • Visualise and navigate the balloon in real- time for potential fluoroscopy reduction5,6,8 
  • Monitor ablation parameters†,1,5
Optimal Anatomical Fit

Optimal Anatomical Fit1,6

  • Compliant 28 mm balloon1,6
  • Conforms to varied PV anatomy1,6
Real-time PVI Validation

Real-time PVI Validation††,1,5-7

Assess signals during PV isolation1,8
Perform voltage mapping post-ablation7

Product Resources

HELIOSTAR™ Catheter Live Case Demonstration at Boston AF Symposium, 2019


* Based on multicenter single-arm study SHINE (n=95).
** In a multicenter single-arm study, total procedure time was 87.6 ± 22.25 minutes (n = 95, roll-ins = 8 patients. Per protocol, a roll-in phase of up to 3 patients per physician was implemented).
† When using the HELIOSTAR™ Balloon Ablation Catheter.
†† With the LASSOSTAR™ Catheter.

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