INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System

INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System is a tibial fixation device designed to maximize the strength and stiffness of an ACL reconstruction using soft tissue grafts.1 Based on the original INTRAFIX™ System, the INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE System has redesigned implants and instrumentation for greater ease of use and reliability.

INTRAFIX™ ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System

Features & Benefits

  • Trusted Performance

    Trusted Performance

    High fixation strength and low displacement.1

  • Improved Reliability & Speed

    Improved Reliability & Speed

    Thread pitch is approximately twice that of “traditional interference screws tested”.1 Screw insertion in approximately half the time.

  • Improved Ergonomics & Simplicity

    Improved Ergonomics & Simplicity

    Simplified implant sizing scheme and tie-tensioner.  Color-coded to respond to implant size.  Slotted mallet to easily disengage instrument and cannulation to accommodate use of guidewire.

  • Choice of Materials

    Choice of Materials

    Available in BIOCRYL RAPIDE™ Biocomposite Material and PEEK.

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1. DHF-101914-DFTR Rev A. Attachment 9. Based on comparison with MILAGRO BR

Indication Statement

For product details such as indication, contraindication, warning and precaution please consult the IFU.

Indications for Use

The INTRAFIX ADVANCE Tibial Fastener System is indicated for fixation of tissue including ligament, or tendon to bone during cruciate ligament reconstruction.