LCP® Proximal Femoral Plate 4.5/5.0

The LCP Proximal Femoral Plate is a limited-contact stainless steel plate that is part of the LCP Periarticular Plating System. The proximal portion of the plate is precontoured for the proximal femur.

LCP Proximal Femoral Plate

Features & Benefits

  • Holes

    The two proximal screw holes are designed for 7.3 mm cannulated locking screws and the third locking hole is designed for 5.0 mm cannulated locking screws. The hole for 5.0 mm locking screws is angled so the screw trajectory converges with the proximal 7.3 mm screw.

  • Proximal Femoral Fixation

    Proximal femoral fixation in osteopenic bone is achieved by the screw angulation and the locking interface with the plate. The remaining screw holes in the plate shaft are combi-holes. This provides the surgeon with the flexibility to achieve plate-to-bone apposition as well as axial compression or angular stability.

  • Plate

    Plates are anatomically contoured to approximate the lateral aspect of the proximal femur and are specifically designed for left or right femur to accommodate average femoral neck anteversion.

  • Proximal Screw Hole Angles

    The three proximal screw holes are at the following angles to the plate shaft:

    • First proximal hole (7.3 mm): 95°
    • Second proximal hole (7.3 mm): 120°
    • Third proximal hole (5.0 mm): 135°


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Indication Statement

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