Low Profile 3.5 mm Pelvic System 

The Low Profile 3.5 mm Pelvic System features a wide range of redesigned stainless steel plates in a variety of precontoured shapes (straight, curved, J-shaped and symphyseal). 

The Pelvic System is comprised of: 

  • A range of implants 

  • Instruments for plate and screw fixation 

  • Retraction instruments 

  • Reduction instruments 

Low Profile 3.5 mm Pelvic System 

Features & Benefits

  • Coaxial Combi-holes in Locking Plates

    Allow the use of locking screws or cortex screws in the same round conical plate hole. 

  • Reduction Forceps 

    A wide range of forceps, redesigned to reduce weight and improve function. 

  • Retraction Instruments 

    Provides more options to aid the surgeon with the chosen approach. A range of Hohmann, blunt, spoon-shaped, sciatic nerve and malleable retractors are available.

  • Instruments for Plate and Screw Fixation

    Bending pliers and irons enable uniform 3D-bending of the plates. Bending templates support visualisation of the final plate shape and facilitate plate bending away from the operative field. The ratcheting screwdriver handle facilitates the insertion of long screws and features a 3-way ratchet mechanism to address glove wind-up and slipping.


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Indication Statement

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