OPAL™ Cage System

The OPAL™ Cage is a versatile Interbody fusion device with two implant offerings to accommodate a traditional straight implant insertion and a less invasive insert and rotate technique. The Revolve Spacers are designed for an insert and rotate technique and have a bevelled edge that allows for rotating the cages 90 degrees in situ providing intervertebral distraction.
The OPAL Spacer incorporates a bullet-nose for self-distraction during insertion, three lengths to accommodate both TLIF and PLIF applications, and pyramidal teeth designed to resist implant migration.

OPAL™ Cage System

Features & Benefits

  • Bullet nose

    Designed to facilitate insertion, to reduce damage to endplate, and to allow treatment of collapsed disc spaces

  • Multiple approach options

    Accommodates preference for a traditional straight design or an insert-and-rotate option in one product offering

  • Bevelled edge of revolve cage

    Revolve cage can be rotated 90 degrees in situ providing intervertebral distraction with insertion profile smaller than finally positioned implant

  • Pyramidal teeth

    Designed to provide resistance to implant migration

  • Two radiographic marker pins

    Allows for visualization of the implant positioning within the disc spaces

  • PEEK material of the cage

    Allows for assessment of fusion under fluoroscopic imaging

  • Axial canal

    Accommodates autogenous bone graft to allow fusion to occur through the implant

  • Two implant insertion options

    • Straight inserter allows for direct in-line control of implant
    • Pistol grip design offers visualization through minimally invasive technique


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Indication Statement

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