ORTHOCORD® High Strength Orthopaedic Suture

ORTHOCORD High-Strength Orthopaedic Suture provides a supple solution for soft tissue repair, while maintaining strength and knot security.1,2

ORTHOCORD® High Strength Orthopaedic Suture

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible

    Designed to be less stiff1 in your hands.

  • Strong

    ORTHOCORD® Suture exhibits 55 lbs. of tensile strength2 and 30 lbs. of knot-break tensile strength.2

  • Less Mass

    The mass of ORTHOCORD suture reduces over time until the absorbable PDS component is biodegraded.3

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3.    DHF-2002-38A Book 3 CPC Test Rep Final Feasibility Test mass reduction 8-26.

Intended Use

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU.