P.F.C.™ SIGMA®  TC3 Knee System 

The SIGMA® Knee System design is indicated for use in cases where collateral ligaments are deficient. This comprehensive system offers both a fixed bearing and rotating platform option. Additionally, surgeons can address bone and soft tissue defects with a variety of products including augments, wedges, stems, and metaphyseal sleeves. This system’s approach to revision knee surgery provides the surgeon with improved intra-operative flexibility.

P.F.C. SIGMA TC3 Knee System 

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative tibial bearing options

    • Allows for either rotating platform or fixed bearing tibial constructs.
    • Providing rotating platform in the revision constraint (varus valgus constraint) level.
  • Common MBT Revision Tibial Base used across constraint levels

    • Intra-operative flexibility.
    • Address an array of patient needs.
    • OR efficiency with common tibial base and preparation as used in higher constrained implant options.
  • Metaphyseal sleeves for tibia and femur

    • Modular porous sleeves accommodate Engh Type II bone defects.
    • Provide rotational stability.
    • Intra-operative flexibility.
    • Restores varying patient anatomies.
  • Streamlined instrumentation

    • Intra-operative flexibility.
    • Restores varying patient anatomies.
    • Common instrumentation if need to increase levels of constraint.
    • Addresses an array of patient needs.
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Indication Statement

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