PINNACLE® Hip Solutions

PINNACLE® Hip Solutions is a modular cup system designed with a wide range of acetabular cup options, biological and mechanical fixation alternatives and advanced bearing technologies that allows surgeons the flexibility to choose intraoperatively from among the most advanced technologies available depending on their patients’ individual needs. The PINNACLE Cup celebrated 15 years of clinical heritage in 2015 and over 3 million cups1 have been provided to patients worldwide.

PINNACLE® Hip Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Fixation Options

    Multiple Fixation Options

    Initial and long-term component fixation are key to restore joint function. With the PINNACLE® Cup, fixation is achieved through 180° of either POROCOAT™, DUOFIX™ with Hydroxyapatite (HA) or GRIPTION™ Coatings.
    The proven cementless coating fixation technologies2, 3, 4 are based on the outstanding clinical performance5, 6, 7 of POROCOAT Porous Coating, which was introduced with the AML™ Cup in 1977, with the DURALOC® Cup in 1980 and with the PINNACLE Cup in 2000. Therefore, it has been clinically tracked for over 30 years. The DUOFIX Fixation System was introduced with PINNACLE cups in 2003 being an evolutionary combination of POROCOAT Porous Coating and highly amorphous hydroxyapatite (HA). 
    Finally, in 2009 the GRIPTION Cup fixation technology emulated the reliable foundation of the POROCOAT Porous Coating being also an evolutionary development in implant fixation technology due to an advanced 3D structure6-11.

  • ALTRX® Polyethylene

    ALTRX® Polyethylene

    ALTRX Polyethylene is an ultra-low-wear polyethylene and an advanced option in alternative bearings. The specific manufacturing process is used to optimize the balance between wear reduction, mechanical integrity, and oxidative stability.

  • BIOLOX® delta Ceramic Heads

    BIOLOX® delta Ceramic Heads

    The technology of BIOLOX delta Ceramic Heads articulating on ALTRX Polyethylene Bearings provides an alternative solution for high-demand patients.

  • Intraoperative Flexibility

    Intraoperative Flexibility

    PINNACLE Hip Solutions provides a full spectrum of shell styles, liner offerings, and offset options to address a wide variety of patient anatomies.

  • PINNACLE® Hip Solutions

Supporting Documentation



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