PINNACLE® Revision Acetabular Cup System

By combining revision-specific advancements with the clinical heritage of the PINNACLE® Primary Acetabular Cup System, the PINNACLE Revision System provides a solution for the unique challenges faced in revision cases.

PINNACLE® Revision Acetabular Cup System

Features & Benefits

  • GRIPTION™ Porous Coating

    GRIPTION™ Porous Coating

    GRIPTION Porous Coating is made of commercially pure titanium sintered metal particles on a POROCOAT substrate.
    The GRIPTION fixation technology was introduced in 2009 and emulates the reliable foundation of the POROCOAT™ Porous Coating and is an evolutionary development in implant fixation technology. 

    This advanced 3D structured fixation is designed to maximise initial ‘scratch fit’ stability due to an industry leading coefficient of friction1. It is specifically engineered to maintain a clinically advantageous2 80% average volume porosity at the surface3 and up to 300-micron average pore length3. Combined macrotexture and microtexture topographies can provide a favourable mechanical loading environment for bone reconstitution and enable greater cell adhesion and proliferation4.

  • Intraoperative Flexibility

    Intraoperative Flexibility

    The PINNACLE Revision Acetabular Cup System provides Standard Profile, Deep Profile, and Multi-hole shell options for intraoperative flexibility.

  • Enhanced Stability Constrained (ESC) Liners

    Enhanced Stability Constrained (ESC) Liners

    The PINNACLE ESC® Constrained Liner System is designed to address hip instability and dislocation through dislocation resistance and high range of motion with simple, reproducible insertion instruments.


Supporting Documentation



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Indication Statement

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