RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical System 

The RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical System is an innovative technology developed for use in ACL reconstruction. The system was designed from the bottom up to provide surgeons with what they want:  

1. Designed for procedural simplicity 
2. Optimised biomechanics  
3. Strong, rigid fixation1 

RIGIDLOOP™ Adjustable Cortical System

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Graft Fill in the Femoral Socket 

    A longer length of graft in the bone tunnel is associated with higher ex vivo graft strength and stiffness.2

  • Strength & Rigidity1

    Strong and stable femoral fixation.1

  • Green Flipping Suture

    Green Flipping Suture

    Surgeons will appreciate the ease-of-use and tactile feel of the button flipping on cortex.

  • Implant-Graft-prep Packaging

    Implant/Graft-prep Packaging

    ORP will appreciate the multi-purpose implant/graft-prep packaging.

  • One-way Sliding & Locking Knot Design

    One-handed tensioning for ease of use.

Supporting Documentation



1. Reference internal data: DHF-102035-MEMO16

2. F. Yuan, MD: ORTHOPEDICS, May 2013, Vol. 36, No.5 

Indication Statement

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU.