RIGIDLOOP™ Cortical Fixation System

RIGIDLOOP™ is a cortical fixation system for soft tissue ACL reconstructions. It offers enhanced fixation strength while reducing graft laxity1 with its titanium implant and non-absorbable continuous braided loop design.

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Features & Benefits

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    Enhanced Strength

    Offers enhanced strength while minimising graft laxity.1

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    Variable Depth Gauge

    Innovative variable depth gauge system eliminates tunnel and graft calculation complexities.

  • Convenience

    Convenience of a fully assembled procedural instrumentation kit.

  • Low-profile

    Low-profile reamers facilitate anatomic tunnel drilling through the medial portal while avoiding damage to the condyle.

Supporting Documentation



1. Internal test data, ref. DHF-102035-MEMO14 &16.

Indication Statement

Indications for Use

Indicated for the fixation of soft tissue to bone in orthopedic procedures such as ACL repair.

For product details such as indication, contraindication, warning and precaution please consult the IFU.