S-ROM® NOILES™ Rotating Hinge Knee System

S-ROM® NOILES™ Rotating Hinge Knee System (NRH) is a clinically-proven1 hinge design for patients with severe soft tissue instability and/or bone deficiency. The system allows for optimal fit and fill for a wide range of bone deficiencies with the utilization of modular wedges, stem extensions, and metaphyseal sleeves.

Rotating Hinge Knee System

Features & Benefits

Clinical heritage

  • Intra-operative flexibility. 
  • Address an array of patient needs. 
  • OR efficiency with common tibial base and preparation shared across multiple systems. 
  • Allows for bearing rotation that reduces torsional stresses on tibial base.2

Common MBT Revision Tibial Base across multiple systems with varying levels of implant constraint

  • Modular porous sleeves accommodate bone defects of the Engh Type II and Type III. 
  • Intra-operative flexibility. 
  • Restores varying patient anatomies.

Press-Fit or Cemented Stem offerings

  • Meet patient needs. 
  • Provides varying options for intramedullary fixation of components.

Supporting Documentation



1. Jones, R. "Management of Complex Revision Problems with a Modular Total Knee System." Orthopedics, 19 September 1996: 802-804.
2. Bottlang, M. et al. "A Mobile-bearing Knee Prosthesis Can Reduce Strain at the Proximal Tibia." Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 447 June 2006: 105-111.

Indication Statement

For full product details and precautions, please consult the IFU.