SKYLINE™ Anterior Cervical Plate System 

The SKYLINE™ Anterior Cervical Plate System provides a versatile system of implants and instruments to accommodate the needs and individual preferences of surgeons. The system offers visualization and can be contoured as needed to the anatomy of the patient.

The SKYLINE Anterior Cervical Plate System is designed for use in a variable, constrained, or hybrid screw configuration.

SKYLINE Anterior Cervical Plate System

Features & Benefits

  • SKYLINE Anterior Cervical Plate System

    Tri-lobe CAM-LOC™ Active-Locking Plate System

    • Builds on existing SLIM-LOC and Codman ACP CAM-LOC mechanisms
    • Visual indications of lock of each screw individually
  • Anterior Cervical Plate System

    Large visualization window

    • Designed for visualization of the graft, vertebral bodies, and endplates
    • Designed for plate alignment allowing for proper positioning of plate on cervical spine and on postoperative imagery
  • Anterior Cervical Plate System

    Variable and constrained screws

    • Allows handling of multiple constructs (semi-rigid, rigid, hybrid)
    • Allows for versatility to treat different patient types with trauma or degenerative cases, all with one system
    • Constrained screws provide up to 5° of angulation in the coronal plane while maintaining sagittal alignment of the screw
    • Variable screws provide up to 20° of angulation
    • Self-drilling, self-tapping and oversized screws
    • Multiple drill guide and hole preparation options
  • Pre-lordosed plates

    • Designed to reduce the need for contouring


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Indication Statement

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