SPOTLIGHT® Access System

The SPOTLIGHT® Access System was developed to provide surgeons with a package for minimally invasive access to the spine. The system consists of ports with integrated lighting for intraoperative visualization, a rigid arm that allows adjustments to be made within the sterile field, and a microdiscectomy instrument set.

SPOTLIGHT® Access System

Features & Benefits

  • spotlight-access-system

    360 degrees of illumination

    Designed to decrease intraoperative shadows and to facilitate visibility

  • Integrated light source

    May be used with surgical microscope lighting

  • Wide range of port options (five port diameters: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 24mm with port lengths ranging from 30mm to 140mm in 10-mm increments)

    Offers a variety of posterior MIS procedures


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Indication Statement

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