SURGICEL SNoW Absorbable Haemostat

Superior haemostasis (39% faster TTH¥) compared to SURGICEL Original with consistent performance.1* One layer of SURGICEL SNoW is more effective** at achieving haemostasis than 4 layers of SURGICEL Original.2

Hemostático Absorvível SURGICEL® SNoW


1. Ethicon, 20110817, Comparison of hemostatic performance of SURGICEL absorbable hemostatic products, Aug 2011, Data on File (093625-180618)
2. Hutchinson, R.W., George, K., Johns, D. et al. Cellulose (2013) 20: 537. doi:10.1007/s10570-012-9828-8 (091518-180509)
*as shown in animal animals. 
**reduced time to successfully achieve haemostasis under controlled conditions in a porcine splenic incision model. The ORC devices were applied in addition to gauze and the application of digital pressure 
¥Time to Hemostasis