SURGICEL SNoW Absorbable Haemostat

Provides faster time to hemostasis (43%) compared to SURGICEL Original.  SURGICEL SNoW Haemostat is more effective at stopping bleeding than 4 layers of Surgicel Original Absorbable Haemostat.*1

Hemostático Absorvível SURGICEL® SNoW


* Successfully achieved hemostasis under controlled conditions in a porcine splenic incision model.  The ORC devices were applied in addition to gauze and the application of digital pressure. 

1. Hutchinson RW, George K, Johns D, Craven L, Zhang G, Shnoda P. Haemostatic efficacy and tissue reaction of oxidized regenerated cellulose Haemostats. Cellulose. 2013; 20(1): 537-545.