TomoFix® System

The TomoFix® System provides solutions for correcting and shifting the mechanical axis of the leg.


  • TomoFix® Tibial Head Plate medial, proximal (available as standard and anatomical version)
  • TomoFix® Tibial Head Plate lateral, proximal
  • TomoFix® Femoral Plate medial, distal
  • TomoFix® Femoral Plate lateral, distal
TomoFix® System

Features & Benefits

  • Higher Stability - MHT

    Four locking screws in the plate head.

  • Long-shaft Portion - MHT

    Designed to evenly transmit the occurring forces into the tibial shaft.

  • Easy Plate Insertion - MHT

    Tapered, rounded tip.

  • Compression of the Lateral Hinge - MHT

    TomoFix technique allows pretensioning of the plate using cortex screws and spacers.

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