TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments

The TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer is a disposable outside-in retrograde reamer that consists of a drill pin with deployable blade and an outer sleeve with graduated markings. The TWISTR Retrograde Reamer accommodates a range of diameters in a single device. The outer sleeve is laser marked in 5 mm increments to assist in measuring tunnel depth.

TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer & Cruciate+ Instruments

Features & Benefits

  • twistr™ retrograde reamer meaningful differentiation

    Meaningful Differentiation

    The TWISTR™ Retrograde Reamer device is capable of drilling 13 different tunnel sizes. A one-size-fits-all design eliminates the need to stock multiple reamer sizes, streamlining inventory management. The device can be adjusted mid-case to drill multiple tunnel sizes, increasing intra-operative versatility.

  • Cruciate+ Instrument System

    Cruciate+ Instrument System

    The Mitek Cruciate+ Instrument System increases drilling accuracy for precision, anatomic tunnel placement.1

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1. Mitek Sports Medicine Knee Instrument Divergence Test, Protocol 103247907 & Report 103257492.  Compared to Arthrex RetroConstruction™ Instrumentation and Smith & Nephew Acufex™ Director™.

Indication Statement

For product details such as indication, contraindication, warning and precaution please consult the IFU.