VA-LCP® Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5

This comprehensive Variable Angle LCP® Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5 addresses the individual surgeon’s preferences, offering low-profile variable angle locking compression plating (VA-LCP) options for the medial, anteromedial, anterolateral and posterolateral aspects of the distal tibia, and the lateral distal fibula.

VA-LCP® Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5

Features & Benefits

  • 2.7 mm Variable Angle Locking Screws

    Capture small fracture fragments. Distribution of screws across the pilon.

  • Syndesmotic Screw

    Secure syndesmotic fixation option through the elongated hole in the VA-LCP® Lateral Distal Fibula Plate 2.7.


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Indication Statement

Intended Use

For product details such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions please consult the IFU and Surgical Technique.