Variable Angle Locking Hand System

The Variable Angle Locking Hand System provides an extensive range of basic and specialty plates for fracture repair and deformity correction. The system consists of 40 different plates, available in stainless steel and titanium, including fragment-specific plates designed for lateral and dorsal application. 

Variable Angle Locking Hand System

Features & Benefits



Extensive range of implants for greater surgical options: 

  • 40 plate designs, including plates for fracture repair and deformity correction 
  • Basic and specialty plates to treat both simple and complex cases 
  • Lateral and dorsal application 
  • Available in stainless steel and titanium. 

Locking technology in 3 sizes: 

  • 1.3mm Locking Plates 
  • 1.5mm Variable Angle Locking Plates 
  • 2.0mm Variable Angle Locking Plates. 
Low-Profile & Pre-Contoured Plates

Low-Profile & Pre-Contoured Plates

Designed to reduce soft tissue irritation: 

  • Rounded plate contours and smooth plate surface designed to help reduce the risk of potential tissue irritation and adhesions 
  • Recessed screw heads designed to sit flush with the plate 
  • Blunt screw tips designed to reduce the potential for soft tissue irritation. 
Comprehensive Instrumentation

Comprehensive Instrumentation

Designed for ease of use: 

  • Color-coded instrumentation and modules ease identification and help reduce procedural complexity 
  • Full range of instrumentation for fracture reduction, provisional fixation, plate adaptation and construct creation 
  • Reduction forceps designed to hold reduced bone fragments in place, while allowing drilling and insertion of a lag screw through the barrel of the forceps. 
  • Plate holding forceps with soft lock helps facilitate surgical procedures. 
Strength & Stability with Locked Plating

Strength & Stability with Locked Plating

Designed to offer screw placement options in a variety of fragment patterns and around the joint: 

  • Designed to provide fixed angle stability for metaphyseal and osteopenic bone 
  • Combines the advantages of locked plating with low-profile plating 
  • Variable angle locking can be angled anywhere within a 30° cone 
  • Four columns of threads in the variable angle locking hole provides four points of threaded locking between the plate and the screw. 

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