VIPER® 2 MIS Spine System

The VIPER® 2 System is a single platform solution with a range of instrumentation and implant options. The VIPER 2 System is designed to address a range of spinal pathologies, while maintaining a less invasive approach. It allows treatment of degenerative and complex MIS cases with a single versatile system.

VIPER® 2 MIS Spine System

Features & Benefits

  • Two-step extension loading

    May streamline surgical technique to increase operating room efficiency

  • Low-profile extensions and rod holders

    Designed to reduce incision size and crowding in lower lumbar spine

  • Secure rod and screw extensions

    Allows for basic vertebral body manipulation and reconstruction, as well as multi-level procedures

  • More than 30 instruments

    Designed to handle multiple pathologies, from degenerative to deformity

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Indication Statement

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