VIPER® 3D MIS Correction Set

The VIPER® 3D MIS Correction Set is a minimally invasive deformity system that allows the surgeon to treat the thoracolumbar spine minimally invasively. This system is used in conjunction with the VIPER® System to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to more patients by providing instrumentation designed specifically to treat complex pathologies.

Fully compatible with the EXPEDIUM® Spine System implants and instruments, the VIPER 3D Set is designed to enhance surgeons’ abilities to treat complex pathologies through a variety of techniques and approaches. The VIPER 3D Set is designed to allow complex surgery to be done percutaneously.

VIPER® 3D MIS Correction Set

Features & Benefits

  • viper® 3d mis reduction caps

    Reduction caps

    • Works with standard VIPER System towers for ease of use
  • Powerful correction instruments

    Powerful correction instruments

    • Allows for controlled rod approximation, spondylolisthesis reduction, compression and distraction


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Indication Statement

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