XRL® Vertebral Body Replacement Device

The XRL® Vertebral Body Replacement Device provides surgeons the ability to expand the device in situ to reconstruct the anterior column, restore height, and correct the sagittal curvature of the thoracolumbar spine.

• Integrated and modular construction
• 360º implantation
• Tactile feedback during expansion
• Most implant options to accommodate a wide range of anatomies

XRL® Vertebral Body Replacement Device

Features & Benefits

  • PEEK implant

    PEEK implant

    Ability to assess tumor recurrence and fusion progress

  • Modular endplates

    Accommodates multiple approach options

  • Integrated options

    Designed to reduce OR time by eliminating assembly step

  • 4 6 endplate footprints that range from -10° to 20°

    Customizable implant footprints

  • Construct heights range from 22 mm to 145 mm

    Customizable implant heights

  • All-In-One spreader

    Over expansion protection

  • Quick repositioning

    Repositioning can be done without impacting on a fully expanded implant

  • Self-locking implant

    • Designed to reduce OR time by removing locking step
    • Designed eliminate the need for additional instrumentation


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Indication Statement

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